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Monday, August 1, 2011


The writer with his bodyguard
On 28 Mei until 4 Jun 2011, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) held an international students club exchange program (ISCEP). For information, ISCEP is an international program where NTNU had invited a number of university students from other countries to experience NTNU’s life. ISCEP is a type of program which may contribute the new knowledge via exchanging other cultures from the participants who came from different background. Besides that, the NTNU’s students who organize this activity would get a lot of benefits especially the skill of management and communication in international level.

For the first time, 20 participants were selected by their universities to involve in ISCEP. These participants came from four different Asian countries which are Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Macau. The 20 participants who joined into ISCEP are the club leaders in their universities. The main objective of ISCEP is to expose the NTNU’s club leaders to the global.

The writer is in front of the main entrance of Yingge ceramics' museum

Taipei 101, tfe second highest building in the world

Therefore, a few of international discussion and presentation were done between the participants and NTNU’s club leaders. For example, presentation and dialogue about their university and clubs by the participants and experience exchange between participants and NTNU’s club leaders. Two teachers and 13 former clubs leader of NTNU were acted as counselors along this program.

Besides the academicals activities, the participants also were brought to tourism places in Taiwan. There are a few of amazing places that should be visited by visitors when they come to Taiwan. Namely are, Yin-Gee ceramics museum, Yeh-Liu Geopark, Taipei 101 and much more. Most of these places are located at the north area of Taiwan.

The participants of ISCEP

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